BDR Indonesia is a company engaged in the procurement of technical goods / Mechanical / Electrical and Operation, Maintenance and Repair. BDR Indonesia at its founding aims to participate in supporting development in Indonesia by providing extra service and always put customer satisfaction through services of high quality and consistent and to always provide a workplace that is healthy and safe for all personnel, as well as maintain a clean environment in any place work.

In order to achieve these goals, the BDR Indonesia will commit:

  1. Comply with the requirements of applicable law, other regulations, and principles in BDRIndonesia associated with the practice of the policy governing the management of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment
  2. Implement a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment at all operational levels.
  3. Prevent the loss, accidents and environmental pollution.
  4. Increase awareness among employees and suppliers through education, training and experience related to the Quality Policy, Health, Safety, and Environment.

Quality Policy, Health, Safety and Environment is available to the public and must be understood by all employees and suppliers and will be evaluated periodically to suit the company.