BDR Care is one of real concern and implementation on Corporate Social Responsibility which is based on the full of commitment that social responsibility is an important aspect in guiding business continuity. In this case the entire program BDR Indonesia Social Responsibility in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies . In the course of BDR Care has 4 (four) aspects that are the focus of which is:

BDR Education

BDR Education is one of the BDR Care program’s where education are the main focus. They programs are :

  • Donate Education Book with the theme “Menuju Indonesia Pintar"
  • Education Scholarship
  • Donate Education Facilities

BDR ACT (Fast Action Response)

BDR Indonesia has formed BDR ACT, the team of volunteers are ready to be deployed to disaster areas at any time, this activity is manifested in the form of the distribution of aid for victims of natural disasters in the form of medical aid, food, clothing and medical personnel, paramedics and evacuation team some program include Flood Disaster Relief Volunteers.

BDR Enviro

BDR Enviro is a concern for the environment, where the current state of our environment is already no longer friendly. One of the programs is the Green Festival, this program is a program of replanting so hopefully this greening can provide good for the wider community.

BDR Public Health

BDR Public Health is given to the Community program are: Mass circumcision Ramadhan blood donation, blood donor month of Ramadan is very rarely done by the community causing reduced blood supply stock at PMI. Therefore we try to help anticipate them.