BDR Indonesia is a company with core business in Mechanical & Electrical, Engineering, Coating and others in Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Industrial sectors


Employee Ethics Code is a regulation established by BDR Indonesia which applies to all employees who work in PT. BDR Indonesia and must be applied by all employees of BDR Indonesia Group with a view to:

A. Instituting corporate values ​​are based on the value - the value of the Company, namely: Upholding the commitment and personal integrity as well as continuing to maintain accountability and transparency and enhance the professionalism of the work.

B. Always comply with all the provisions of the Regulation in PT. BDR Indonesia and the applicable laws of the Republic of Indonesia.


Employee Ethics Code applies to all employees of PT. BDR Indonesia without exception. Any violation of the Code of Ethics Employees will be subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment may cause the Company.

Each employee must provide professional services with integrity, honesty demanding the exclusion of private profit and pleasure.

An exception to this rule is for the following things:

2.1 The gift of a calendar, agenda books and meals related to work / interests, which is not material (under US $ 20).

2.2 Of the examples given to the Company or individual employees who do not have a sale value or the value is not material (less than US $ 100). In any event, employees are obliged in time to make a written report on the receipt and disclosure of information and the provision of special prizes, including the excluded, to the Board of Directors of the Company, with a copy to the Department of Business Support. Exceptions to this rule will be considered and must be approved by management.

  1. Each employee is not allowed to directly or indirectly through family, relatives and / or other parties as an intermediary for the department and its work requested and received gifts and other gift for personal gain, both in cash and non-cash, services or personal interests other, provided, directly or indirectly, from the tenants, suppliers, contractors, brokers or other parties who have any business relationship and / or interest with the company. In this case, gifts and other gift also included a promise to give gifts and other grants in the future, but the things that have been dealt with separately.
  2. Any other gifts and grants received in any form, by any employee of PT. BDR Indonesia, either directly or indirectly, shall be submitted to the Company c.q. Business Support Department to then be utilized for the benefit of all employees
  3. Business Support Department will determine the use of prizes and other gifts; policy regarding its use will be communicated to all employees of the Company.

Each Employee PT. BDR Indonesia must avoid situations where their personal interests conflict with the interests of the department and / or employment in the Company. These situations may include but are not limited to, the following:
3.1 Employees awarded a contract or work to a company owned, managed, operated by and / or conflict of interest on personal, family and / or other parties who have given themselves employee benefit promises in return.
3.2 Employees have a financial interest (other than the shares of a public company) to buyers, suppliers, contractors, brokers or other parties who have any business relationship and / or interest with the Company.
3.3 Employees operate, control and / or have other business related to the Company.
3.4 Using the assets of the Company (excluding allowances and official means of employee concerned) for personal, family or friends / relationships / other parties who provide personal benefits Employees.
3.5 Employees perform certain operations for their own interests rather than doing the same for the benefit of the Company.
For every incident involving the employee in a situation or condition as aforesaid, shall report to the Human Resources Department and the General Company for approval of the Board of Directors of the Company.

4.1 Policy PT. BDR Indonesia is to always treat all employees fairly, impartially and uphold the dignity and rights of employees regardless of background Employees.
4.2 PT. BDR Indonesia expects all employees to be able to create a positive work environment and working to reduce and eliminate the negative work environment caused by the comments that are not constructive, tendentious / sedition and pessimistic.
4.3 PT. BDR Indonesia is not recommended to hire employees who have a family relationship, directly or indirectly, such as a spouse, child, adopted child, stepchild, parent, in-laws, siblings, half-brother, uncle, nephew and sister-in-law or sister-in-law of existing employees. Violations of this policy, especially existing / occurring before the Employee Code of Ethics, must be fully reported to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Company.
4.4 The Company prohibits all employees of BDR Indonesia to duplicate work in other companies without the permission of the Board of Directors of the Company.
4.5 Conduct or behaviour that are considered unacceptable and contrary to the values ​​of policies set forth by the Company in PT. BDR Indonesia and may result in termination of employment without obligation compensation and damages as well as compensation in the form of any of the Company's employees, if found guilty:​

  1. Fraud, theft and embezzlement of goods / money or property owned by businessman colleague or friend owned enterprises;
  2. ​​Provide false or forged evidence to the detriment of companies or interests of the State;
  3. Drunk, drinking intoxicating liquor, opium, drug use or abuse of drugs or other stimulant drugs that are prohibited by the laws and regulations in the workplace and in places determined by the company and the State;
  4. Perform adultery or gambling in the workplace;
  5. Offensive, intimidating or deceiving employers or co-workers and the trafficking of illegal goods both within the company and outside the company;
  6. Harmed, threatened physically or mentally, insulting or abusive employers or co-workers, family businesses;
  7. Persuading employers or co-workers to do an act which is contrary to law or morality and the laws and regulations in force;
  8. With a careless or accidental damage, hurt or in danger of letting the property of the employer;
  9. With a careless or accidental damage or let yourself or co-workers in danger;
  10. Dismantling or leaking company secrets or defaming businessman and entrepreneur or family that should be kept confidential except in the interest of the country;
  11. Deliberately letting others or colleagues affected by an accident on the job;
  12. Fighting with fellow employees in a corporate environment or work area except for self-defense;
  13. Due to his request / receive prizes and or the commission of other parties in any form as compensation for himself;
  14. Sloppy, careless and less calculation which can cause substantial losses of the company, both morally and materially;
  15. To err where the weight is the same after receiving a final warning is still valid;
  16. Within five (5) consecutive days absent from work without a valid reason;
  17. Together abuse and or harm the interests of the Company
  18. Breaking things that are regulated by the Company - BDR Indonesia.

Employees are forbidden to disclose, divulge or disclose confidential information of the Company, as set forth below:
5.1 The Company Confidential Information is all information relating to the Company's operations include business strategy, trade secrets, ideas, knowledge, image plan (blueprint), formulas, designs, product specifications, concept development, organizational structure, programs and work procedures, intellectual property rights (software), as well as corporate data in the broadest sense, including but not limited to, in the form of oral, written, graphic or other material.
5.2 The Company reserves the right to ask employees to immediately return the material confidential information and destroy all copies kept by the employee concerned.
5.3 These Terms will continue to apply restrictions to limit indefinitely even if the employee concerned was not working at the company.
Each Employee of BDR Indonesia shall once a year (or more frequently as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors of the Company) to complete and sign the enclosed Disclosure Statement on Ethical Guidelines This employee (Appendix A and Appendix B and the Statement) or as amended from time to time.

Ratified in Jakarta

18 September 2015