BDR Institute was established as a form  dedication BDR Group whose focuses on developing human resources competencies internal companies, especially improvement at soft and hard competency through training, coaching and mentoring as possible, where such programs are designed and refined on an ongoing basis, so that appropriate requirement that demands real expertise and international recognition.


BDR Institute has several featured programs include:

BDR Development Program is a mandatory program that must be implemented by every employee of BDR Group, the program is improve Soft Skill every employee in every level. The program also became a benchmark in the achievement of Key Performance Indicator in accordance with the Decree of Directors No. 04 / SKD-BDR / II / 2016 on Performance Management Based KPI and Competency

BDR Technical Program is a program where each employee should have the appropriate competence to the job competency standards established by Management it is a derivative of the mandate of the Directors' Decree No. 02 / SKD-BDR / III / 2015 on Competency

BDR Scholarship is a scholarship program granted to the BDR Group employees who have outstanding performance.
The program is also given to vocational school graduates or equivalent for continuing higher education without any charge

I BDR Apps is an application that integrates with the system's human capital, by promoting the learning patterns of collaboration, personalized and blended learning method, either formally or informally to do anywhere, anytime, anyhow and any device, as a strategic tool to achieve the organization's mission.

  1. The achievement of the company's Vision and Mission
  2. Creation of a ROLE MODEL - SYSTEM  that integrated between Competence and Training & Development
  3. Awakening the spirit of life long learning.
  4. Profit Center for Human Resources Management Holding
  1. —Build a knowledge management system ( Knowledge Management ) in order to support the sustainability and business continuity processes.
  2. —Developing ROLE MODEL - Grand Design Training & Education Center BDR Institute
  3. —Creating the business leader, new and ready to continue the continuity and sustainability of the business and are ready to accept the challenges and demands of business competition is increasingly global as well.